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Clive Barber Photography



Hello and welcome.

A bit about me. I have been a working photographer since the mid 1980’s. In 1979 I began a Photographic Arts (applied arts degree course) at Ryerson Polytechnical (now University). I left Ryerson in 1981 when an opportunity to assist a well known commercial photographer full time arose. After a couple of years as an assistant, I began to take on my own commercial work. I have been very fortunate to stay in the business all these years.

I see myself as having two distinct careers: a commercial advertising photographer and later on, a golf course photographer. 

In the beginning most of my work was in the studio. The studio allowed me full control and use of studio equipment. I enjoyed building sets, whether table-top or large sets on a cove. Almost all my work was done on large format, both 8x10 and 4x5 inch cameras and almost always working to a layout. Once in a while work needed to be shot on medium format film but mostly it was on large format. My clients were predominantly advertising agencies and design houses working on regional and national advertising campaigns, brochures, packaging and corporate needs. It was rare for me to work directly with an end client.

In the early 1990’s while continuing with studio advertising work, I began to accept more location assignments and in particular industrial photography. I soon found himself traveling around North America and England photographing a range of subjects from people, product, interiors/exteriors to large machinery and production assembly line shots.

In 1995 I was commissioned by an international advertising agency to photograph a golf course for one of their clients, The Glen Abbey Golf Club owned at the time by the RCGA. The experience from that project almost immediately changed my professional photography direction. To my knowledge at that time in Canada there were only a couple of photographers working to produce quality golf images and I saw a new potential market. Being paid to create self rewarding images in beautiful locations was too good an opportunity to pass up. I began to shift away from advertising/industrial work and put all my efforts into specializing full-time on golf course photography. I never looked back. 

Over the last 20 years, golf photography work has taken me across Canada, into USA, the UK and Ireland photographing some of the world’s best golf destinations for a variety of clients including golf clubs, golf architects, golf magazines, book publishers, advertising agencies etc. 

Born in Middlesex England with a base in Toronto Canada.