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Clive Barber Photography



My name is Clive Barber. I was a full-time independent photographer from 1985 to 2017, spending all my working years taking and creating photographs for others. During those 35 plus years I focused entirely on my professional work, rarely taking personal photos. After planning my exit from professional photography I stopped working in 2017. I now take photos solely for my own enjoyment.

I was very fortunate to be involved in a wide range of commercial photography assignments: from studio tabletop product shots, to industrial manufacturing plants and pretty much everything in between. In 1995 I began my transition to golf course photography and specialized in that area until I retired in 2017.


I entered the 'Photographic Arts' program in 1978 at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now called Ryerson University) in Toronto. In 1981 I left Ryerson to work as an assistant to a commercial photographer in the city. By 1984 I began 'pounding the pavement' seeking my own commissions. In the beginning the majority of my work was in the studio mostly using large format 8x10 and 4x5 inch cameras, primarily product photography and often working to a strict layout. Occasionally the project needed to be shot on medium format and I used my trusty Hasselblad C/M500. During this time my clients were predominantly advertising agencies and design houses. My images were used in: regional and national advertising campaigns, brochures, packaging, POP, corporate needs, etc. During this period I had experience shooting practically all genres of commercial photography such as, product, room sets, people, fashion, food, corporate, packaging etc., etc.

In 1992 I focused my attention away from studio work and towards location assignments and in particular industrial photography. Studio work became a rarity and it was not that long I found myself traveling around North America and England with my Hasselblad 500 C/M photographing a range of subjects from people, product, interiors/exteriors to large machinery and production assembly line shots.

In the summer of 1995 a large advertising agency referred me to one of their clients, the RCGA (Royal Canadian Golf Association). They were looking for someone to photograph The Glen Abbey Golf Club (arguably the largest and most well known golf club in Canada at the time). I didn't play golf and golf wasn't on my radar but the experience from that commission had a massive influence on my future professional work direction. 

In Canada around this time 'professional' golf photography was only just starting to be taken seriously. There was some good imagery around but most of the golf course photography in Canada (at least what I saw) was not very 'professional' looking. It was also around this time that Golf's popularity was beginning to rise quickly in popularity too. 

I realized there would be a market for good photography and I could get in on the ground level. And, if I am being honest, one of the main reasons I got into photography was to work independently and travel - golf photography would be a perfect fit. I began to shift attention away from my advertising/industrial work and with the exception of a few large, Annual Report assignments it didn't take long before I put all my efforts into specializing full-time on golf course photography. I never looked back.

Over 20 plus years of shooting golf courses, my work has taken me across Canada, into USA, the UK and Ireland photographing some of the world’s best golf destinations and loviest areas for a variety of clients including numerous golf clubs, golf architects, golf magazines, book publishers, advertising agencies etc, etc. To everyone I worked with, thank you!

My website has changed to reflect a more personal collection of images. You can find a selection of my golf course photography here.

Born in Middlesex England with a base in Toronto Canada.